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International And Domestics Courier

If you're looking for something customized to accomodate your business's requirements, Mypacco will gladly assist you. Contact us with information about your shipping and fulfillment needs.

Delivery Duty Paid Services (DDP)

DDP options are to cover all costs and aspects of the international transaction process, product delivery and returns. With our solutions, you get a comprehensive cost involved in a transaction to avoid any last minute surprises.

Park & Sell at International destination

Facilitating your goods at international warehouses saving you transportation and fulfilment costs. Built on a highly optimized logistics network making international shipping just as fast and cost-effective as domestic. So whether you are shipping to customers or distributors, we deliver.

International Return management

Our Returns Management program offers unmatched expertise in processing your Canadian customer's returns by taking the complexity of coordinating and processing returns off your shoulders—and placing it squarely on ours. Additionally, our Returns Management program will provide insight into possible product defects or supply chain inefficiencies.